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Code 542 Mechanical Systems Analysis and Simulation Branch - Structural Dynamics Group - Dynamics analysis and testing
Mechanical Systems Analysis Group
Structural Mechanics Group
542 Personnel

Welcome to the Structural Dynamics Group

Daniel Kaufman, Acting Group Leader
Section Personnel

The Structural Dynamics Group ...

    • Structural analysis utilizing NASTRAN and/or other programs in support of the design, analysis and qualification testing of flight structures. This includes finite-element math modeling and coupled spacecraft / launch vehicle loads analysis. The group provides GSFC-managed Projects with lead and support structural analysts.
    • Vibroacoustic modeling and analysis (frequency response analysis)
      - Random Vibration
      - Sine Vibration
      - Acoustic
    • Modal analysis (normal modes)
    • Transient analysis
    • Coupled loads analysis and data post processing
    • Shock analysis
    • Structural test simulation
    • Math model correlation
    • Microphonics and on-orbit disturbance analysis
    • Mass properties, static and dynamic balance
    • Dynamic data processing
    • Structural environmental requirements documents
    • Test Plans and reports for developmental and qualification tests
    • Independent technical assessments
    • Consultation to agency and projects
    • Peer reviews
    • Flight project reviews and test/launch anomaly investigations
    Provides Testing Support
    • Modal survey
    • Acoustic
    • Random / Sine
    • Sine burst / Strength
    • Transient
    • Shock
    • Static / Dynamic balance
    • Microphonics
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Curator: Ryan Simmons
NASA Official: Jeff Bolognese
Updated August 2005