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Code 542 Mechanical Systems Analysis and Simulation Branch - Mechanical Systems Analysis Group - Animation simulation, multidisciplinary analysis
Structural Dynamics Group
Structural Mechanics Group
542 Personnel

Welcome to the Mechanical Systems Analysis Group

Sandra Irish, Group Leader
Section Personnel

The Mechanical Systems Analysis Group ...

    • Mechanical aspects of multidisciplinary systems analyses.
    • Structural portion of combined Structural Thermal Optical (STOP) analyses.
    • Research and development to provide analytical capabilities for use in the analysis and evaluation of advanced systems.
    • Senior system analysts and analytical task team discipline support to GSFC managed systems.
    • Advanced general purpose hardware and software capabilities to support the digital analysis needs of the Branch.
    • 3-D graphical simulations of mechanical systems for a variety of studies including robotic motion studies, field of view interaction, mechanism operation, subassembly integration, vision system verification, as well as supporting promotional videos.
    • Plans and procedures for analytically monitoring system development and verification efforts.
    • Necessary mechanical analyses to ensure that all aspects of the system are compatible and will perform within specification.
    • The generation of models, the methods for analysis, the techniques for model verification and validation, and the administration of the computer systems needed to perform the work.
    Is Responsible
    • For the definition and maintenance of the standard GSFC NASTRAN Program.
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Curator: Ryan Simmons
NASA Official: Jeff Bolognese
Updated August 2005