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Code 542 Mechanical Systems Analysis and Simulation Branch
Mechanical Systems Analysis Group
Structural Dynamics Group
Structural Mechanics Group
542 Personnel

Welcome to Code 542 at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Branch Head: Jeff Bolognese, 301-286-6114
Associate Branch Head: Daniel Kaufman, 301-286-6431
Associate Branch Head: John Johnston, 301-286-2836
Chief Engineer: Scott Gordon, 301-286-9940
Branch Office, 301-286-2843

Code 542 provides the following services to its customers:

  • Multidisciplinary systems analysis and simulation for the development of state-of-the-art systems for space flight missions;
  • Senior system analysts and analytical task team discipline support to GSFC-managed systems.
  • Structural Loads;
  • Structural Dynamics;
  • Thermomechanical; and
  • Optomechanical analyses
  • Supporting system analysis, simulation, trade-off, and evaluation studies to aid in the development, monitoring, and verification of systems;
  • Research, development, and maintenance of advanced computation capabilities for accurate and efficient systems analysis and simulation of present and planned space flight systems.
Operates, Plans,
Schedules, & Manages
  • General purpose computer facilities to satisfy the digital computation needs of the Branch;
  • Analysis support for GSFC-managed projects.
  • Provide NASTRAN and other MCAE services.
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Curator: Ryan Simmons
NASA Official: Jeff Bolognese
Updated June 2012